Dating vintage christening gowns

PIECES OF INTEREST Linda Mc Shannock, collections curator for the Minnesota Historical Society, said the society gets two to three calls a week from people who want to donate or preserve historic garments.Pieces of interest to the Historical Society are those that come with documentation or oral history detailing the origin.cleans and restores vintage garments, including this 1898 christening gown.

“We are very conservative about what we take into the collection,” Mc Shannock said.

“We look for things that are in good condition and don’t duplicate what we already have.

He also regularly spruces up costumes for the Minnesota Opera and the Guthrie Theater. “They cleaned it and got out all the old bacteria and old stains.

One of Schumann’s latest cleaning coups will be on display this morning at the Episcopal Church of St. It’s absolutely stunning.” The bill came to $126.84.

He was working for a company that recycles contaminated soil when he decided it was time for a career change.

“I just kept praying that I could get out of that dirty, dirty business,” he said.The minimal resistance he encountered was a good sign, he said.“If it pulls away too easy, that tells me that the fabric is weak,” he said.Schumann said he never worries about ruining someone’s family heirloom. “You’ve got to have confidence in yourself when you’re tackling something like this — confidence, not cockiness.“Before the customer sees it, I want to feel as happy as the customer,” he said.For the past 12 years, he has cleaned and cared for some of the state’s most historic outfits.


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