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But it is much harder when you aren’t sure what the right answer is, or if your answer is not the same as everyone else’s.

It’s a strange idea to fill him up with medicines when there is nothing wrong with him, especially when we are talking about the flu.

I really don’t care what other parents think about me.

The nasal spray can cause wheezing in very young children.● The vaccine is not recommended for those with an egg allergy since it contains a small amount of egg protein.● There are some exceptions to the criteria and ultimately, whether you are entitled to the flu jab is down to the judgment of your own GP. It was assumed I had got confused and ticked the wrong box. How much pressure are parents under to say yes to these vaccines?

If you think that you may benefit from receiving the flu vaccine, you should speak to your GP or pharmacist who will assess your risk factors. My son and his health will always take priority over my health, and the health of others outside of my family. I am known for being irritatingly opinionated and self-assured.

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This multi-tournament, multi-platform, multi-game event will give visitors the opportunity to experience the exciting world of competitive video gaming first-hand.

Perhaps my strongest argument of all is that I don’t mind if Max gets the flu this winter.

He’ll probably be off school for a day and then crack on as normal.It might happen, so you are best to cover yourself.’Pardon me? I also heard from parents of high-risk children with asthma or diabetes who are more likely to suffer severe complications of flu, such as pneumonia.They could not understand how I could be so selfish.Children aged four to eight will be offered the flu jab at school.It is not compulsory.● Children over the age of two will be administered the flu vaccine via a nasal spray, as opposed to a needle.Dr Ramsay adds that last year it was 65.8 per cent effective in stopping vaccinated children catching the strain of flu they were vaccinated against.

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