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They've admitted to being "good friends" and were believed to be romantic for years, but in 2010 they both pointed out that they'd never admitted to the relationship -- and they claimed that it was all just gossip.

Prosecutor Carolina Holderness said in her opening statement that Hurd has been terrorizing Ashanti Douglas and her family for nearly a decade.

When they saw the hundreds of disturbing and sexually explicit tweets Hurd directed at the star in 2013, "made their stomachs turn, their blood run cold." Hurd faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

Although Nelly and Ashanti have always maintained verbally that they “never said they were a couple,” despite hundreds of pics over the years alluding to otherwise, Nelly recently sat down with VLAD TV to give a little insight onto why he didn’t settle down with his ex R&B misses. My parent’s marriage did not last at all and my grandparent’s marriage lasted for 60 years. I feel like marriage is something that you just know is right. In order for me to feel like this, I have to have no questions.

On if he thinks he’ll ever get married: “Yeah I think so. So I’m either gonna go all the way to 60 or I’m not gonna do it. If I got any questions, I know me; I’m going to play on that.

But the thing about marriage is nobody is going to force me into anything. And eventually that may weigh in on that situation–but do I see myself getting married? I just think that marriage is something that you should do when you’re ready to do it.”?

Or does Nelly just have some serious long-term commitment issues?

ASHANTI'S LONGTIME STALKER ON TRIAL FOR A THIRD TIME This is Hurd's third trial on the same case.

The first case resulted in a mistrial because a juror got sick during deliberations.

Hit the flip to hear what Nelly’s response to what he’s looking for in relationship that he didn’t find [with Ashanti] and whether or not he’d date another celebrity.


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