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Experts have determined the choice to "swipe right" is more complicated than some might think.

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“I don’t have the confidence.”Because men are expected to initiate flirting, Tikkanen said women can be more selective when choosing to respond to a specific "match" or individual.

“On these sites, some of the research shows that men take this shotgun approach and just send a whole lot of messages to a whole lot of women,” she said.

He said when he used the app, he looked for smiling, candid photos but was skeptical when pictures looked too high-quality.“When it comes to picture quality, if they’re too high quality, it makes me suspicious,” he said “If you have all professional photos on there, I’m going to think, ‘that’s a bot.’ More candid pictures makes me more inclined to match with (them).”Another Ok Cupid study looked at the trend of who initiates conversations more often, finding that despite some women’s progressive views on dating, such as splitting the check for a date, men are still more likely to make the first move.

However, Stout Van Wey, a sophomore studying sociology criminology and African American studies, said he never messages his Tinder matches first.“I never message girls first,” he said.

The list is long and exhausting; however, it's also one of the most rewarding.

Basically, I work my butt off just so I can save yours one day. Here are some signs or perhaps things to keep in mind when trying to get involved with anyone in a pre-health major: I admit I have struggled with this before.

Trying to pencil someone in to see them because you have classes from 10 a.m. most days, shadowing/internships on the other days, and work on the weekends is difficult.

Trying to see someone in college is normally pretty easy, but not for pre-health majors.

It's the most sacred book possible to anyone in a pre-health major. Staying organized and on top of dates and deadlines is how we survive in these majors.


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