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Did you ever do anything you knew you would be punished for?"I wasn't sure what she meant by that so I told her, "Not deliberately, although in some cases if I was caught I would be punished, but that wasn't a big enough worry to stop me doing whatever I wanted."Marlene went on, "Did anyone seem to be punished more often than others?

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The statutes of limitation long expired for the sex abuse, but prosecutors said they identified at least five individuals sexually abused by Hastert during his years as an educator before he launched his political career in the early 1980s.

It was a month later when Catherine and I returned the favor, inviting Marlene and Ruth to our house for dinner.

It was a lovely dinner and where we shared the two bottles of wine to wash it down with, and had a peach and custard dessert to finish it off with.

Marlene and I retired to the two easy chairs by the fire, and Catherine served us all a nice measure of liqueur.

Catherine got everything prepared, had a nice fire burning in the grate as well as lighting the gas fire in the bedrooms.

Knowing Marlene liked liqueur I picked up a bottle along with some Scotch, and a couple of bottles of wine for the dinner.

Once there I asked her if she would like a drink first, as dinner would be about another half hour or so."Why not" she said, "It's not like we have to go home till tomorrow."I poured us both a drink then joined her by the fire; she looked very inviting with a rather low cut blouse over a push up bra that made her rack look even more inviting than normal.

Her skirt didn't even come to her knees when she was standing, with black hose and wearing high heels she looked so different from what I'd seen her wearing before.

The modified conditions also specifically prohibit Hastert from using any sex-related telephone numbers or having any contact with anyone under 18, except in the presence of an adult who is aware of Hastert’s background.

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