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"If you're from different regions, you absorb nuances in your speech as well, so your accent will gradually change." "Own words and nicknames developed over time for various objects and trends.

They will form their own dialect." So what would humans do for fun in space?

broken relationships in their frozen comes to that for sure all just think that humans are capable of truly falling in love with one of these intelligent robots ...

as well as assistant clinical professor of OBGYN and psychiatry at Northwestern University's Feinberg school of Medicine ... will become available what sorts of applications for these robots out there already but coming Availble it's really amazing how life like some of these machines that did the technology of the materials that robots are made ad and the internal workings of them ... gain popularity and things weren't just at the cusp of a whole new AIDS ...

it's a topic explored in movies such as Alex Garland acts Macky nak ... so here to talk to us about the future of sex says Dr Laura Berman gay sex and relationship therapist ... very polite like sex robots capable of being designed to someone specifications ...

It'll be like Big Brother, we'll be following every single development." But while these humans will start off like an elite space-race with high IQs and loads of cash, they'll eventually "dilute over the generations" into normal everyday folk.

We'll all start off on an international base – just like the International Space Station – apparently, but from there humans might spread out onto military bases.

ELON Musk has successfully launched the world's most powerful rocket, and reckons he can put humans on Mars by 2024 – but what would life be like on the red planet?

We spoke to renowned futurologist Ian Pearson, who reckons Earth's Martian colony will have its own language, currency, and even a robot government.The first bunch of people will be specially selected with social skills to deliberately get on with each other."Once they've been there for quite a while, politics will start to happen, and you'll have left and right, and various other sorts of splits.He says there'll probably still be some kind of Netflix equivalent, so life might not be that different after all.But we'll rely much more on robots for our entertainment, according to the expert futurologist, because there'll be so many of them. figured out a way to create a social app support system for them south this is taking in a step farther ...


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