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The last time I met her was in Naga Airport on my way to Manila.

To give the mellowed but perky lady the big smiles before her vacation to Bicol, I had the piano too noisy with old favorites like and a few more which made me remember my own mom before we comfortably retired late in the night.

When tears were shed, I heard comments old members. “I was keeping company with a lady who started shedding tears when you oldies sang the old Bicol songs and she walked away crying copiously when you sang “Rimposon”.

And they gave us leads on members and other personalities that are involved in the formation of other Bicol provincial organizations–those from Camarines Norte, those from Camarines Sur, those from Albay and those from Sorsogon.

Suddenly, hugging the top of the agenda of the UPIAA were no longer alumni matters.

A living proof that someone born at the end of the world can rise to the top. , a former government doctor in Samar, he is now specializing in Computer Programming and Net enterpreneurship. Lani Palencia told me that when Andy came back to Naga , a pediatric oncologist based in St. A resident successively of Siruma, Tinambac and Canaman, Camarines Sur.

, who practices medicine in the Middle East and going by a linked article it seems he is active in the Filipino community there. Luke’s, you can also come to her if you need wellness products and you will even be helping indigent cancer patients who are beneficiaries of the products she helps market. She is the one to see , an obstetrician-gynecologist connected with Las Pinas Medical Center and a Department Chair.

So there was the oldies in center stage crooning the old songs with real feelings that it drew tears from some senior members.

It was the songs we sang in caroling (no we didn’t use pure Christmas carols then) and we used some really old songs to serenade our old supporters like the late Dean Irene Cortes and Dr. There is some controversy now which Ibalon song we usually hold for the finale but I remember in that occasion we used the ditty, “Rimposon”.An eternal Ibalon supporter whose Naga house is always open to Ibalonians, she is well-liked by everyone.A frequent visitor to Naga, it seems her recent haunt is New York City., the Department Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine in PGH. Fems didn’t have the chance to separate from her WHO-Geneva group who were in CDC, Atlanta, GA for a conference.A native of Naga, she is the sister of Butch and Mayor Jesse Robredo, two figures familiar to us. Yasmin Paje-Banzon took time out from mentoring students in British Columbia, Canada and so did her sister Dr. For the love of her OB-Gyn patients in Naga City, Dr. Fernando went home too soon from her visit in San Diego, CA without seeing us. Leida and Vines arrived earlier, but didn’t have the time to wait for Totie and Mariet who got stuck with the delays of air travel in JFK airport in NY.I know the calm is over and my worst fears are now happening before my eyes.

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