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Sixty-one Caddo Correctional inmates are scheduled for early release starting Wednesday, according to the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

Their release is the result of criminal justice reforms designed to reduce the prison terms of non-violent, non-sex offenders.

We overlooked suggestions like seeing the Alamo or going to the Capitol because we assumed that everyone has already done those things (you have done them, right? Instead, passionate arguments were made for who makes the best barbecue, which books to read, and where to see Willie Nelson perform.

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This morning, responding to a comment I'd left on another post, he asked me when I was gonna do one on house boats....

Driving the River Road, in far West Texas; having a drink at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, in Dallas; fishing for bass in Caddo Lake; eating a chicken-fried steak in Strawn; searching for a lightning whelk along the coast; and 58 other things that all Texans must do before they die.

"This early release is based on a reduction of the good time rate for non-violent, non-sex offenses which has been reduced from 40% to 35% of the time offenders must serve of their sentence before being released.

"These reforms are based on the most in-depth study of the criminal justice system ever done in Louisiana’s history.

But recently we asked ourselves an uncomfortable question: If we had only one year left on earth, what would we do in the Lone Star State?

A spirited conversation ensued, writers and editors submitted their picks, and more than two hundred ideas poured forth.A number of inmates will walk free from Caddo Correctional Center without serving their full sentences for serious felonies in separate domestic abuse cases.Each is leaving the parish lockup just 2.5 months after being convicted of his/her crime.Drive from Dalhart, in the Panhandle, to Brownsville, where Texas, Mexico, and the Gulf converge. You’ll travel down the Staked Plains toward Amarillo, heading south by southeast to Lubbock, Big Spring, and San Angelo, lulled by a symphony of wind and space. After you arrive Lord-knows-how-many-hours later, cross the international bridge into Matamoros and treat yourself to a margarita. Gary Cartwright Eating at Snow’s is like scaling Mount Everest: Only the hardy and fully prepared reach the summit.Then weave through the Hill Country toward San Antonio, basking in the dry crackle of history. Snow’s is in the middle of nowhere, about an hour east of Austin.Louisiana law mandates that anyone convicted of that crime serve a minimum of two years behind bars without the possibility of their sentence being suspended. John Bel Edwards' office, KSLA Investigates was told the first inmate identified in our investigation no longer is getting out of jail early.

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