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In 1825 a French noblewoman disturbed her high-society community when she began to uncontrollably yell obscenities during social engagements. In school I was worried people would think I was cheating on tests. We’ve never left a coffee pot or toaster plugged in overnight at my parents’ house, and to this day it still freaks me out to leave kitchen appliances pluggedin. I no longer eat out at restaurants, and I’m a foodie, so that’s sad, but the physical tics are a real problem in confined spaces. My tics were so bad I was terrified of hitting a child. I could take the bus, but public transport is terrible in Kansas City. It’s almost not worth going Do you tend to avoid people who can’t handle your tics? She was my longest relationship; we were together for about four or five months. A few years later, a French neurologist observed similar behavior in a handful of young men. He labeled the syndrome maladie des tics, later renamed Gilles de la Tourette illness. That was a nightmare because I wanted to do everything right. When I was little he told me it was so important to turn off all the lights when you go to bed, because leaving a lightbulb on for more than 24 hours would make it catch on fire. When people casually diagnose themselves with Tourette’s. I take up the space of three people, and I look like a preschooler on cocaine, flailing around and kicking my headback. Is tolerance an important criteria when selecting people to date or become friends with? My first and only sexual experiences have been with my hand. I still struggle with their puritanical teachings: Sex hurts, and it’s dirty, unless you are married. She was going through a very bad time, and I am just an asshole. I can even forget the names of people I’vedistracting.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Never embarrassed me but then I don't embarrass easily.. ' or something to that effect and once explained to the lady in question about his condition (albeit exploited! He used to be very self conscious about it, but as he began to realise we just acted as if there was nothing wrong he relaxed more and managed to control it to a great degree...

I have seen threads about disabilities and dating ; such as limb amputations etc but not one about TS so i hope this is OK to post here. could you get past the sounds and movements made by the person with TS when out in public ? I think it takes a certain person to be able to deal with somethign like that, as it isnt a condition for the faint hearted. My best friends brother has it in a very mild form.. But he is hilarious and is never short of female company. I have never met anyone with the severe form though... I used to go out with someone who swore all the time.

Little girl who lived next door to me yrs back i seen the tourette s develop . I really wish she would tame it, I've tried to tell be given a torrent!

Sometimes I whisper over her shoulder to the horrified waiter or whoever is dealing with her, in a stage-whisper, 'tourettes' .

after all quite a few have said swear words after i have only asked them for a cuppa tay and a gobble.

though i dare say a few potential mother in laws have said the same thing about myself as the words feck off you old bag just seem to fly out on occasions I dont think i've ever met anyone with tourrettes,so cant say for definate,but i dont see why not-i dont discriminate,as i'm not perfect myself,i guess that yes i would date someone,as long as we had other stuff that made us compatible All depends on what type of tourettes they have , if its the kind where they are swearing all the time then my answer would be NO.

I just dont think sheknows she's doing it any more.

Although saying that she can't possibly swear like that when she's with important bank clients at work...hmm, it is controllable in that case :-)So I think the answer to the OP is, no I dont think Iwould date somebody with tourettes...i think i have several times in the past .......

Dr Nom YES I WOULD in fact I have Tourette Syndrome & OCD I to have experienced and continue to this Day not having a problem making female friends and being in Strong Relationships in fact I did a presentation in front of my entire High school body when I was a Freshman after a Got the awareness and facts out there thing were essayer for me don't get me wrong it took ALLOT OF GUTS to speak in front of the entire school but I did the point I am trying to make is that don't be afraid of be afraid of being inberest I yuost to be that way life is to short for that I live each day t the fullest and live life with no regrets I don't think just because some onesome of the smartest people I know has a desabilaty that makes them any deferent from the rest of the world I would defiantly Date a women with TS if are chemistry is just right and if I really had feelings for her I would. A friend has tourettes, it's only really noticible if she becomes stressed or upset, she meditates alot and this helps her keep it in check, she refuses drugs as she hates how they make her feel. Shes now 27 and friends with my friends daughter ive been on nights out shes been at and my god the hospital and docs have it so well under control . She is a mature, good-looking woman, great job, lovely 3-bed house beautifully done up, own car and single. She simply cannot say a few words without the F-word, and worse. She has given me some of the most embarrassing moments I can remember.

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