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Among organized religions, attitudes towards polyamory vary from extreme discomfort and distaste to complete acceptance.

At one end of that spectrum, conservative or fundamentalist sects of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism abhor extra-marital sex and base family on a strident sexual exclusivity—for women.

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A form of active meditation, the goal of Tantric sex is to allow participants to fully inhabit all parts of their own beings and recognize the divine in each other.

While Tantra tends to emphasize heterosexual sex between two people, its sex-positivity and celebration of intimacy means that it is generally open to polyamorous relationships (at least in the US).

Their emphasis on consciously constructed intimate connections expressed through sexuality resonates with the more esoteric poly crowd, and two forms are especially popular.

Tantra, a Sanskrit term that encompasses expansion, continuation, liberation, and union, is undoubtedly Eastern in origin, though whether Hindu, Buddhist, or a form of yoga remains in debate.

At the other end of the spectrum, Paganism and sacred sexuality of several varieties celebrate a multiplicity of gods and lovers.

The more liberal and sex-positive a religion is, the more likely it will accept polyamorous relationships among its congregation.

Muslim men are allowed to have up to four wives as long as the men are able to provide sufficiently for the women and children.

Women, on the other hand, are mandated to strict sexual exclusivity with their husbands and can be killed for fornication/adultery known as .

Polyamory is so common among Pagans that it routinely passes unremarked in social settings.

Sacred Sexualities Sacred sexualities are a collection of mystical spiritual traditions that use sexuality as a form of prayer and a pathway to worshiping the divine in each of us.

Like their more conventional counterpart the UUs, Pagans are a loose collection of people joined by their fundamental belief in an individual relationship with a divine presence, though exactly what that presence is or how it is embodied varies.


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