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my old friends have their new friends and seem to be enjoying college.

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Chris and Jamal are expected to tape the play, but they get Dawn to tape the play.

Meanwhile Cassidy, Jamal and Chris got to the game and get caught when Ms. Chris and Jamal let Cassidy take the blame until they decide to admit the truth. Chris tries to get Cassidy to go to the dance with him.

i cry all the time wishing i could have my old life back.

The series was very similar in style to Saved by the Bell, but with an urban setting and more diverse cast.

After getting into a fight with his father, Chris moves in with Jamal and his father.

Chris soon realizes that not every father and son relationship is like his.The rap and R&B-infused theme included a chorus, "C-I-T-Y you can see why, these guys, the neat guys, smart and streetwise," which repeating twice consecutively during the beginning, middle and near the end of the song.The series opens with the arrival of Jamal Grant and Chris Anderson at Manny High School.Both make different entrances with Jamal paying guys to walk him to school as his posse and Chris driving his dad's car.L-Train warns Jamal that he's dead meat if he even thinks about painting over his graffiti.When Chris' mom learns Manhattan High does not have a Music Department because of lack of money, she vows to throw a fundraiser at the Anderson home when she had already promised Chris that they would go to a concert on the same evening which makes Chris feel hurt and angry.

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