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Your relationship is still new and you're still figuring each other out.What are some of the best date ideas for new couples?

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Find activities that you both enjoy, like dancing or working out, and do them together.

Invite your new significant other to a group activity, such as a dinner date or to meet your group of friends.

Every time, I am like a giddy teenager and it builds our bond.

It brings the thrill of dating back and that is something that I am really starting to enjoy.

You may find things that you cannot deal with or even things that you learn about yourself.

Being in a relationship is all about growing and learning.

Do what you have to do to get to the full potential.

I mean, if you can’t stand to live with each other, how are you going to get married? Would you do it again or would you wait with your next relationship?

Most people when asked have at one point lived or had their significant other living with them.

I have dabbled with shacking with two of my boyfriends and honestly, it is something I would encourage any couple to do. Living with your mate has a lot of benefits, such as double income, always having someone around when you need them, and getting to know that person’s quirks and learning how to adjust.

A lot of problems that happen in marriage could be prevented if the couple just lived together and had the opportunity to learn how to work through it. Being married makes it a little harder to just leave, so many people stay unhappy for years.

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