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To enable data editing in Web Data Grid™, add the Cell Editing behavior to the Behaviors collection.The Edit Mode Actions property of the Cell Editing behavior lets you determine what actions will cause a cell to enter edit mode.

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On the server, a cell’s value is read-only; however, you can retrieve the value for operations such as data validation.

You can retrieve a cell’s value both server-side and client-side.

Editing a cell's value in Web Data Grid™ is restricted to client-side only.

You can edit the value of a cell by getting a reference to that cell and calling its set value method.

This is the View Model class used for data binding.

event we create a new View Model object with the values entered in the grid.

And add it to the Session collection then we bind the Session collection to the grid.

Please note these property names are same as the ones in the ASPX file.

For a list of data sources that can take advantage of this feature, see Supported Data Sources.

If your data source cannot be automatically updated by Web Data Grid, you must handle the update events and update the data manually.

Data Grids are vital controls in many user interfaces.


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