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You can use the snapshots of blocks to rebuild the apps described).

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Thanks." This app will help people avoid the dangers and / or illegalities of texting while driving Quiz Me! It allows the user to input multiple questions and answers with the click of a button and have them saved to an external database.

Once the user has finished adding questions, the quiz can be taken and the user will receive a score and time taken.

This site provides free, downloadable Android Apps created by University of San Francisco students and instructors.

To download apps and source code, click on the links below, or search for an app in the box above.

According to the Pew Internet Project's research study related to mobile technology, 56 percent of Americans have a smartphone, and 29 percent of cell phone owners describe their device as something they can't imagine living without.

I've often said that if your cell phone was waterproof, it would end up in the shower with you.Their mobile app is a service for paid subscribers on more platforms than any other app.Match reports that more than 40 percent of user logins come from their mobile apps.After selecting from one of Muni's transit lines and choosing a direction and particular stop, the application will display the lines next arrival times.Once the user has retrieved the desired arrival times, they are able to set up to four favorites which are saved and stored based on their unique e-mail and retrieved at the application launch.If you're a member of one of these online dating sites, you can date on-the-go as you take advantage of their mobile apps, many of which have additional features than are found on their web-based versions. Match: i Os, Android, and Black Berry Match was launched in 1995, and is available in 24 countries around the world in 15 different languages.

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