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In theory, the watches probably had to be overhauled ” marks, the dates stamped are usually between 1 and 6 years apart.

So there is no evidence of a well-defined service schedule.

Those markings may include the contract number and year, the part number, as well as the (who also sold watches under other names) starting in the early 1960s.

Note: this chapter is not meant to constitute a comprehensive listing of all Type 20 versions and variants.

After all, somewhere in the 1960s, there must have been pilots flying a Breguet airplane while wearing a Breguet chronograph…

This article will discuss the history of the watch, starting with the vintage Type 20 chronograph; it will then focus on the modern Breguet sports watch, from its design to its movement characteristics.

It is speculated that the requirements for a “Type 20” chronograph include: Those specifications were possibly closely based on the design of the pre-existing German Hanhart chronographs.

Several watches were reviewed and homologated in the early 1950s.

Right after World War , and after having used up their watch stocks (essentially composed of German, British and American surplus timepieces), the French army wanted to provide their airmen with reliable, accurate time instruments.

The French Type 20 watches were directly inspired by the German pilot's chronographs produced by , were forced to face similar obligations, but this do not fall within the scope of this article.

This would require a separate and lengthy article, based on much more documents than what I can have access to.


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