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Pigeon specials were also a regular feature of summer Saturdays and these too are included in this fascinating timetable. Smart working is required to turn round trains and forward planning is needed due to the restricted movements possible. Another excellent timetable for this popular Heritage simulation.

Based on the working timetable for Weekdays in 1951, it contains 180 trains, all steam-hauled of course.

The one thing I have endeavoured to do is to show all servicesfor the year in question.

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Class 1 Euston trains were Push Pull with the loco at the North end and made up from 10/11 Mk 2 coaches or 9 Mk 3 coaches plus a Driving Van Trailer. There were still some loco hauled Sleeper and Mail trains which spent time in the station in the early hours,some of which attached or detached coaches or vans.

Cross Country services were a mixture of HSTs and loco hauled. Tyseley DMU depot maintained various heritage diesel MUs.

The locomotives are mostly the Southern`s own Class 33 "Cromptons" and the Class 73 "ED", though by this date other region locos were showing their faces more and more and this is represented by the Class 47 "Brush" and the Class 56 on an aggregate train.

Some parts of the layout may have changed but the general station layout should be ok if it was remodelled in 1909.

On Summer Saturdays, freight trains were cancelled to provide paths for the numerous holiday expresses entering and leaving Green Park.

It was on these busy summer Saturdays that Bath became a "Mecca" for railway enthusiasts.

In 1991 platform 5 was a full length platform and 4C was a short bay suitable only to stable a loco.

As a result some trains have been moved to platform 4C.

These are representative of what was running at the time and are mostly from the Authors personal experience having driven Loco hauled trains in the area at the time and the period shortly after this Timetable, although the times have been altered to fit in with the 1987/8 timings.

The stock in use at the time for the passengers was the Southern Region 1963 stock, VEPs, CEPs, BIGs etc., in 4, 8 or 12 car formations.

One of the many interesting features is the inclusion of the banking locos which were used for all goods trains departing on the Somerset & Dorset line.


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