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The themes revolved around countries, each with a themed piece of Sonic character art.Slingerland's dashing charisma and publicity attempts brought about a huge boost in audience.Interest in revamping the SAGEcast was introduced during SAGE 2006 when Dimension Warped, Slingerland, and Shadix attempted to broadcast a prerecorded multicast via Skype.

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Picture 1The Chess application is allows users of Java based RIM devices to play chess wirelessly.

Ben Hurst, one of the writers for the TV series Sonic the Hedgehog, was interviewed under proctored settings in SAGE's IRC chatroom.

Koray, the organizer of SAGE 2006, had been suffering from issues in life that resulted in him disappearing without a word months leading up to the event.

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Use digital pencil marks, hints, cross-hatching and other great features to guide you through the puzzles. Picture 1Enjoy the dynamic presentation of up to 25 of your own images on your color Blackberry in a very cool screensaver presentation style.

SAGE 2007, directed by Slingerland, renewed interest in the event after a disappointing 2006.

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