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She later gained recognition as Cheng Siu-man in the 2010 romantic drama Suspects in Love, and has achieved wider fame for her performance in 2012 drama L'Escargot.

Born in Hong Kong, Wong was raised in a single-parent household.

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She has one older sister Cathy, who is an English teacher at King's Glory Education Centre.

Her mother is the owner of a cosmetics shop in Wan Chai.

Mandy dressed up as a pregnant woman running around and jumping over a sofa, while Ben tripped over trying to catch a fish!

Mandy was filming a scene about her chasing after a thief but ended up knocking over a veggie stall.

Mandy joked that she's here to "destroy things" and that she's afraid she may receive complaints from people.

Receiving Congratulations From Onlookers Mandy revealed quite a few onlookers congratulated her for being "pregnant" and told her not to run around, she said: "Everyone was coming over to congratulate me, they all assumed I am pregnant for real!Impressed with her character portrayal, producer Poon Ka Tak cast Wong to portray Flora Chan's timid younger sister in the 2010 romantic comedy drama Suspects in Love.To prepare for her role, Wong studied Maggie Cheung's performance in Police Cadet '84.When asked if Alex Fong (方中信) saw her wearing a bikini, Mandy said: "I feel very honoured and it includes Florence Kwok (郭少芸) many years ago too." When asked about the rumours related to Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) buying desserts and returning home together, Mandy said that her driving license was suspended and kept finding excuses for them.Mandy Wong(黃智雯), Ben Wong(黃智賢), and C Kwan(C君) were at the busy market of Shau Kei Wan filming for TVB's upcoming drama series "Miscellaneous Troopers(雜警奇兵)".In the same year, she won the Most Improved Female Artiste in Malaysia's My AOD Favourite Awards and TVB Anniversary Awards.

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