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It’s something which scientists have observed, too.

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I was able to see my younger self in a new way – with both more compassion and more objectivity.

The quality of my relationships to certain people and events in my past – my mother and father, especially – was also transformed, as was how I feel about myself now.

This can mean a focus on your community, your nation, or the planet.

You might, building on your experiences, talents, interests – your wounds, even – make a difference.

Regular exercise, by the way, is a wonderful way to develop your ability to sleep more deeply.

If you have sleep problems, you should try not to drink coffee or caffeinated tea or fizzy drinks after lunchtime.One of the smartest things I ever did – and I can say this unequivocally – was a life review.I examined myself and my life in Acts One and Two as carefully and honestly as I could, as a way toward wholeness and to prepare for a good Third Act.Many older people say they spend more time in bed but sleep less; when they do sleep, it’s what is called ‘dream sleep’, as opposed to deep sleep.Deep sleep is important throughout life, but it is essential when we are older, when our tissues need replenishing, yet our human growth hormone and testosterone levels are diminished.I am conscious of this happening to me in my Third Act, which shows that what the experts say is true: we can attain these positive attributes even if we didn’t start off with them!

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