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They experienced their Mother do horrible things to them and saw her do even worse things to their Father.

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He's kind of ugly and God knows he couldn't sing even one little bit. I understand that he showed off his big cock even more obscenely than other "idols" of his time - was that all? Both Shaun and Patrick were regulars at the Playboy Mansion.[quote]Time is a harsh mistress ... I had a list of guys I had the hots for as a horny 13 year old dude, circa 1978: Mark Hamill (Star Wars)Dirk Benedict & Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica)Lee Majors (6 Million $ Man)Robert Urich (Soap/Vega$)Robby Benson (One on One)Parker Stevenson & Shaun Cassidy (Hardy Boys)Randolph Mantooth (Emergency! Shaun Cassidy, and David Hodo & Randy Jones (Village People Construction Worker & Cowboy). I thought Shaun, Andy, and Leif were too girly looking.

[quote] I understand that he showed off his big cock even more obscenely than other "idols" of his time - was that all? He was on Oprah a few years ago and looked pretty good. I had kind of a crush on Freddie Mercury (buck-teeth and all). Richard and Dirk definitely made my dick stand at attention!

Both Shaun and Patrick were regulars at the Playboy Mansion. She was Janice Pennington's (long time Barker Beauty)younger sister Ann. Multiple marriages aside, Shaun is stable and has done well compared to his brother David and a lot of child/teen stars and his contemporaries. Cassidy was good looking but was not a very good actor or singer. David was always a smith, wow, what a blast from the past.. ..i remember him from some movie that they used to show over and over and over again on cable way back in the day..

He's been married 3 times and had kids with each wife. As a young teen in the Seventies, I wanted a Joe and Frank sandwich in the back of the Hardy Boys' van. He's managed to develop a successful career as a producer. I was more into rocker guys like Robert Plant & Peter Frampton. it was some movie about those trying to "make it" in new york, acting, singing, etcetera...looking back it would probably be really stupid and cheezy, but it was i remember sad and poignant because like only 1 of the many characters (including his character) ever 'made it"...

In the end, although all involved were doing their best to help form some semblance of a healthy relationship between our sons and their mother, common sense finally prevailed. I will say this, she’s never taken any responsibility for her reprehensible actions, and she continues to blame others for the sad situation she’s created for herself.

In short, the correct and necessary decisions were finally made that had the very best interest of our 2 boys at heart. I have tried to refrain from casting blame, or pointing fingers, but all of Lita’s public posts, defamatory remarks, outrageous allegations, and disturbing emails have really disappointed both of our sons.In our initial interview we asked Jim a few basic questions and he answered. After a full week music fans online have had their chance to jump in on social networks as they all arm chair quarterback for their favorite.One of the more popular comments was; “Where are the documents?The many live Shaun TV clips are pretty provocative, and I remember reading reviews of his live concerts that essentially scolded him for obscenity. O., Fleetwood Mac, and Boston and gaze (gays) at Shaun for hours. I couldn't get a hardon from this guys with a fucking hydraulic crane. I had a friend who would pay me to dress up like him and lip-sync to his songs while stripping, grinding, and beating him in the face with my penis, which he would then relieve of semen. If you had heard him sing live, as I did in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," you might change the last half of that opinion.Andy Gibb apparently did a show in Boston where the shirt came off (and stayed off) after the second song. No personal experience here, but I read something from someone who could suck his own dick and he said it's not all that special. Funny, I saw BLOOD BROTHERS with the Cassidy brothers too. Seemed full of himself and very much an attention whore Shaun, on the other hand, was much more personable. I already knew the words to "Da Doo Ron Ron." Thanks, Crystals. I've long known that Shirley and Jack Cassidy were Shaun and Patrick's parents, but a quick google search for Patrick lists another brother named Ryan. Even making allowances for the fact that he was obviously high during the performance, the quality of his voice was pretty pathetic. His father, Jack Cassiday, and Shirley's first huband, was a notorious queen.People are wondering why is it the court granted you sole legal and physical custody of your sons and why Lita Ford isn’t even allowed to see them?


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