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After the complaint, the Turkish National Police raided the office featured in the news video.

Among the documents, the following receipts: Six suspects were arrested and charged with being members of a terrorist organization, financing a terrorist organization, and human trafficking. The suspects denied the allegations and claimed that they were basically transferring regular Syrian people's money to Syria via a fixed commission, as the banking system is currently collapsed in Syria. Based on the verdict of the court, all the suspects were released due to inefficient evidence.

However, the above receipts were translated into Turkish and handed over to the court on January 27, 2016, clearly indicating that on several occasions large sums of money was transferred routinely and no one had bothered to wait for the translations of the receipts to arrive to the court before the final verdict.

Although directly contributing to the financing of one of the most heinous terrorist groups in history and brokering for ISIS slaves, Abu Mital attempted to portray himself in a positive light--as the savior of Yazidi women, claiming he has managed to save over two hundred fifty Yazidi women from the hands of ISIS alone, paying over two and a half million dollars directly to the terrorist organization He also adds that he identifies the women through a special ISIS webpage, where the women are labeled by numbers and where their families could recognize their loved ones and arrange their purchase back from the brutal grip of ISIS.

ISIS is also known to have released an order in Iraq, which was found on an Emir who was killed there.

Last November, the German news outlets managed to film this illicit slave trade as it was secretly operating in Gaziantep, Turkey as well as make interviews with abducted women's families and the middlemen in Turkey who helped broker the release of some of these women.

Gaziantep is a Turkish city of two million people in southern Turkey near the border with Syria having as its neighbors the Turkish cities of Sanliurfa and Kilis--cities where many ISIS members are have been very active in support in recent years for their terrorist activities.While he manages to rescue the enslaved family members, the money he collects directly supports and goes into the coffers of ISIS.In the German news video , he claims that he directly negotiates with ISIS via online chat rooms and Whats App.The prices of women and girl slaves are arranged and grouped as from ages one to nine, ten to twenty, twenty to thirty, thirty to four and forty to fifty.This document also specifies that slaves who do not accept being sold are ordered to be killed.Enslaving Sunni women directly contradicts their own fatwa on who can be enslaved, but ISIS is not known for being internally consistent in any case.

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