Dish hopper guide not updating

We were happy to learn that, along with being able to tell Alexa to turn on the TV or rewind a show, you can also perform specific searches based on genre or actors.

You can ask Alexa to find you a horror movie then tell her to change to Too Cute! If nothing else, DISH’s Alexa integration proves TV service providers can still learn some new tricks.

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So consider whether you want to get the Hopper and take your viewing to every TV in your house before you get excited by DISH prices.

Even DISH’s basic package has most of the popular channels you’ll be looking for (FX and Food Network top our personal lists), but DISH channels don’t offer serious football fans their favorite options.

Wondering why “Gross Receipts Tax” or “Service Provider Tax” is listed on your bill?

A few states charge TV service providers special taxes and fees.

(Just ask Alexa.) Like most TV service providers, DISH Network packages require a 2-year contract when you sign up.

But at least when DISH gives contract pricing, it really does mean for the length of the contract.

That subscription price is the same as getting a monthly HBO NOW subscription, so if you do want to keep watching HBO shows, you might consider taking that money and switching to the streaming version with fewer ads.

You can also add HBO to an existing Hulu subscription for the same price.

However, Hulu’s Limited Commercials option still has multiple ad breaks throughout its shows, in which case, we’d recommend keeping HBO as part of your TV package.

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