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Pella was the ancient capital of King Archelaus of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great.

exploration of the site began in 1953 and continues today.

In 2006, a farmer accidentally uncovered the largest tomb ever found in Greece.

No, it's not a small island of Turkish territory in the midst of Greece's second largest city, but with ocassional tensions between the two countries they don't want to take any chances of someone defacing the displays.

The last time somebody blew up this house in the fifities it set off anti-Greek riots in Istanbul and the expulsion of several thousand remaining Greeks.

One group called were known for their long mustaches, long sharp toed boots with high heels, tight pants, a broad sash which hid their weapons and their jackets worn with one arm out of the sleeve.

They terrorized Athens using Psiri as their base for over 50 years.All Nations Thessaloniki is an international church comprised of Greeks, Africans, Filipinos, and various other nationalities.Services are in English, with translation available in other languages.Open from Tuesday to Sunday from to but stays open until 7 in the summer.You can get here by KTEL bus through Veroia and then a taxi or local bus to the site but if you are 2 or more people you should take a taxi and you can stop at some nice places on the way there and back.Psiri does not have the carefree Never On Sunday feel that the Plaka has.


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