Guys guide to dating a geek girl

One of the first ideas that popped up relating to article ideas was one presenting a perspective of a non-geek who was in a relationship with a geeky guy.I don’t have an answer to the question of However, it did get me thinking about geeks and dating, and the unique challenges that lie therein. I’m sure the article came my way because he knew I’d want to blog about it, and of course I did.Geeks are not all millionaires or seemingly sexually repressed people waiting to turn into porn stars in the bedroom.

If you are, in some way, kind of a geek, and are looking to be appreciated for the intellect and sensitivity and passion for life you have to offer, you may actually find that attracting a geek is a way for you to meet a kindred spirit.

Even if you’re not a geek but are tired of shallow social games and manipulative tactics, getting to know someone who could care less about societal constructs surrounding dating may be helpful to you.

Introverts account for nearly half of the population, albeit the quieter half.

Most personality tests employed by psychologists measure introversion and extroversion on a scale, and it’s unusual for people to find themselves at one extreme or another.

Some of them are fairly well-known geek guys who might be shocked to learn they’re considered geeky. I just go out into the world and see who I happen to meet. There are people in my life who do something for a living I couldn’t even explain very well, but they are extraordinarily important to me. Other times, you find that those who understand you the most may appear to be nothing like you, but actually are. Dating a geek isn’t about sharing geeky hobbies, although it’s wonderful if you do.

Despite the fact that I seem to attract a certain type, I don’t watch sci-fi, I don’t see what’s so endearing about Kaylee from , I don’t program computers, I don’t play video games, and I don’t see the need to dress like Slave Leia or dress in lingerie at conventions in order to get attention. I do my best to form connections, not simply collect acquaintances. Most of the geeks I’ve met value intellect and substance highly.

It’s no different than in the past decade, this is not a new ploy to help the single and lovelorn.

The fact that “attracting a geek” is suddenly the huge type of conquest to which people are aspiring in their social lives is what seems slightly amusing to me.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from attending Dragon Con, it’s that geeks may ogle Duct Tape Girl and Scantily Clad Thor, but attention will be quickly diverted when the cast of enters the room.


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