Don draper guide to dating

Roger has a different and rather progressive approach to seduction: Choose the woman who doesn’t need you to be happy in life. There’s a higher chance you’ll end up respecting each other, too.

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Don Draper would tell them to take off because he’s busy, but Don constantly plays the short game.

Roger helps that drunk guy clean up and drives that lady home.

My uncle Mac could make better gin in the tub,” and he would have been so charming!

Call it traditional or call it stuffy, but Roger Sterling knows how to treat a lady.

He has ingrained sexist (and racist) attitudes, but when Roger is alone with a woman, he makes her feel like she’s the only one worth his attention. One minute he’s spitting fire at a mistress who won’t do what he wants, and the next he’s falling all over himself calling her a goddess.

Even if she’s just one of the two ladies he brought back to the office to cheer up himself and Don (yes, that really happened), Roger minds his manners around whomever he’s courting. It’s inconsistent, but more than that, it’s immature.He does it not only because it likely helps him sleep at night, but because a solid reputation is worth more than all the nice suits in the world. Being the decent guy will take you anywhere you want.There’s one thing Don Draper is great at and that’s being a wingman.Don Draper goes for women at their most vulnerable.His established type is young women, often at a crossroads in their life or a moment of need.If you have a facial scar, crack a joke about letting that damn Simba get away. He fought in the Korean War, for the love of God, but he acknowledges it and isn’t hampered by crippling denial.

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