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The school is the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham, an oversubscribed independent secondary school.

Darul Ulooms are world-renowned Islamic institutions and their aim is to produce the next generation of Muslim leaders.

It seems that the inspectors were unaware of the teaching methods revealed by our undercover reporter, Osman.

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In fact, these schools have been described as the ‘Etons of Islam’.

This school is required by its inspectors to teach tolerance and respect for other faiths.

A man with a long white beard dressed in a traditional shalwar kameez – tunic and trousers – sits at the head of the class.

From what we could see, every ¬single blow was pretty much unprovoked. The behaviour of the boys, the way they flinched and backed away when he approached, indicated that they were long-accustomed to being hit and kicked as they studied.

‘Salma’ and ‘Ayesha’ are a mother and daughter whose identities we are protecting.

Ayesha is now sitting her A-levels but when she was seven she was beaten at her Koran classes.He’d just get angry and lash out.’Osman’s young cousins go to the same madrassas he attended and told him the beatings were still continuing.This persuaded Osman to try to reveal the truth behind the private world of faith schools.The film shows children as young as six sitting on the floor of a large room in the mosque, one of the biggest in the country.The boys are hunched over wooden benches, rocking backwards and forwards as they rote-learn the Koran in Arabic.But the Channel 4 current affairs programme Dispatches filmed secretly inside it – and instead discovered that Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation.


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