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In that moment everything balances out, and you know that you’re going to be okay, that your relationship is going to survive all the storms, and that you have strong support system behind you every step of the way.male seeks women of any mature age up to retired plus that would enjoy no strings sex pleasure with a fit male no charge ph 0212500428 any race size welcome I seek Women only trained in the art of pussy eating normal to kinky sex what ever you like let me make you CUM If you enjoy being eaten until orgasm I am the man any age 18 plus to retired plus.

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Sometimes you get home from a healthcare networking event and you just need to clear your mind about anything healthcare related. With your SO, you can talk about anything non pre-med related.

You get to have long conversations about the randomest things without worries that pre-medical stuff will come up (unless you make it).

I was into science and he was into computer networking.

Needless to say, there were some aspects of our relationship that we just couldn’t share with one another.

Your sweet SO sees you’re on the verge of a mental break down so he asks you to go get some froyo and take your mind off of things for an hour or so. ”- So here’s this guy/girl just trying to make you feel better and they themselves get attacked by this hot mess of a pre-med.

You think you could use a break so you guys go and get to talking. Moving on, you don’t see them for a few days and next thing you know, exam week is over, you’re free, and everything is right again.

You get to hear about his interesting work days and the things he has to do even though you understand almost none of the terms he uses.

You can forget all the pressure and expectations placed upon you and enjoy being a “normal” person who does “normal” things for once.

There were times when it seemed like we didn’t fit together and it became hard, especially for me, to balance my time between spending it with him or with my books.


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