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The net proceeds to us from the sale of 5,500,000 shares of our common stock in this offering will be approximately ,640,450, after deducting the underwriting discount and our estimated offering expenses.

If the underwriters exercise their overallotment option in full, we estimate that our net proceeds will be approximately ,889,018.

• Support a longer run off period to collect milestones or royalties from out-licensed assets – up to three years under Delaware law with ability to extend for longer lived assets.

We will need to compete for tenants based on rental rates, attractiveness and location of a property, and quality of maintenance and management services.

We believe that our niche focus on multi-tenant office buildings with smaller average tenant sizes will improve our ability to compete.

A liquidating trust is a new legal entity that becomes a successor in interest to the liquidating company at the point the company dissolves and all its assets and liabilities move to the trust.

Stockholders in the company become unit holders a/k/a beneficiaries of the trust.

We currently have $42,000,000 in total borrowing capacity under our senior secured line of credit, with $41,650,000 outstanding and an available balance of $350,000 at March 25, 2004.

Our unsecured line of credit, which is also provided by Fleet National Bank, bears interest at LIBOR plus 400 basis points or Prime plus 250 basis points (a weighted average effective rate of 5.59% at March 25, 2004).

• “Liquidation” into trust can end officers’ deferral period for severance payments under IRC 409A, depending on specific company circumstances. • As the winding up process progresses, the trust is readily administered on an as needed basis, versus retaining a corporate officer trying to move on with his/her life.

• Liquidation into a liquidating trust in accordance with Rev. • Continue active research participation in collaborations or other research activities for long periods; • Continue employee benefit programs for long indefinite periods; • Provide a tradable security for unit-holders. It’s our job --- and it’s not a job any executive or employee of a client company sought or signed up for. In an industry where a “successful” company may not sell any products and a majority of programs fail, familiarity helps.

Our executive offices are located in our Sheridan Center property at 1780 South Bellaire Street, Suite 100, Denver, Colorado 80222. EDGAR® is a federally registered trademark of the U.


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