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This is one of the most interesting of the list by far.

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Unlike the previous two, this story takes places in a fantastical world that has been inflicted with a plague known as The Dolor.

It is much akin to what we know as clinical depression.

The game doesn’t get particularly preachy, but it is not at all insensitive about the subject, as the title might otherwise indicate.

They handle the subject very well while not losing itself in the issue.

All of them are easy to get and cost you nothing but time.

None of them are illegally translated and distributed.This is different from Narcissu in many ways, but similar in that there are no choices available and only a single story.It does contain much more complete backgrounds and character sprites, but no voice acting.This game is first and foremost a romance story and contains explicit sexual content, which is common among the original Japanese visual novel and a factor in their lack of mainstream appeal.Fortunately, for those with fainter sensibilities, there is an option to disable adult content.There, he meets a varied cast of characters: his hall mate and crazed anti-feminist Kenji, the blind and elegant Lilly, the shy, burned Hanako, the head-strong, deaf-mute Shizune, the rambunctious legless track star Emi, and the scatter-brain, artist with no arms Rin.

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