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This psychopath violated the bodies of his victims, chopping off their tongues, bursting their eardrums, and gouging out their eyes which, he feared, had logged his image.

Samsonova - who once worked in a hotel catering for foreign tourists - refused to co-operate with investigators on up to 11 more feared killings which were hinted at in diary entries she wrote in Russian, English and German.

'We may never know the extent of this granny's killings,' said one source.

There were claims she was a 'femme fatale' seeking to lure younger men close to her.

State investigators told the court she had dismembered her friend's body using a handsaw, before boiling the head.

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It goes without saying that less is more when it comes to summer make up and if this stifling London weekend has taught me anything, it’s that certain products are 100% not your friend in the heat.

Primers and powdered eye shadow are tricky and the wrong foundation will have your upper lip beading quicker than you can say SULA (sweaty upper lip alert).

It is thought she killed male tenants and even her husband Leonid - who all vanished.


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