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For example, in one case treating multiple fractures and an artery tear in the USA, a British citizen was forced to take an air ambulance back to the UK.

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You might also use webhooks as the basis to: Webhooks are configured in the Dashboard's Webhooks settings section.

Click Add endpoint to reveal a form where you can add a new URL for receiving webhooks.

Most Stripe requests (e.g., creating charges or refunds) generate results that are reported synchronously to your code. If you use Stripe only to accept card payments, webhooks are optional.

However, most payment methods using Sources require using webhooks, so that your integration can be notified about asynchronous changes to the status of Source and Charge objects.

You can enter any URL as the destination for events.

However, this should be a dedicated page on your server that is set up to receive webhook notifications.

With those costs covered, you’ll quickly realise the value of having a holiday insurance policy.

The cover you get for personal possessions can be covered under your home contents insurance policy.

If you want to send both live and test events to the same URL, you need to create two separate settings.

You can add as many URLs as you like, and Stripe supports basic access authentication.

Miranda was given a Court appointed attorney named Alvin Moore who cleverly objected that Miranda’s confession was not truly voluntary because the police never advised him about his right to remain silent, or his right to have an attorney present.


  1. Similarly, Raquel was a correspondent on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ from 2012 to 2014 where she was billed as ‘Rocsi Diaz’.

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