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The LCMS does not believe that Baptism is ABSOLUTELY necessary for salvation.

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It is not a mere “ritual” or “symbol,” but a powerful means of grace by which God grants faith and the forgiveness of sins.

Return to Baptism FAQs | Return to main menu QUESTION: I believe I understand the LCMS position on Baptism although it seems to lead down a troublesome path.

It must be remembered that the only theological distinction between the spoken Word of the Gospel and Baptism is that the sacrament includes a visible element; hence, our Lutheran fathers commonly spoke of Baptism as “visible Gospel.” The Scriptures distinguish Baptism and the spoken Word — but do not separate them; they are both means of grace.

As you also no doubt are fully aware, we teach that it is not the lack of Baptism that necessarily condemns, but it is the despising of this precious gift that endangers faith, for God Himself has instituted it and attached His promises to it.

Since decisions in this regard often depend on the specific circumstances involved, it is best to speak to the pastor himself about such matters.

He would also be able to share more specific information about the form of the baptismal service used in his congregation and the precise wording of the vows that sponsors or godparents are asked to take.As I understand you can be regenerated through Baptism and also regenerated by believing in Jesus, without Baptism, and then later baptized.The Lutheran position forces one to come to this conclusion of two ways to be saved, although both are by faith alone, just two different means.Mark implies that it is not the absence of Baptism that condemns a person but the absence of faith, and there are clearly other ways of coming to faith by the power of the Holy Spirit (reading or hearing the Word of God).Still, Baptism dare not be despised or willfully neglected, since it is explicitly commanded by God and has His precious promises attached to it.My question then is, what do you see wrong with my reasoning?

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