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The first sign to spotting a fake is the fact that he tends to go along with it too much.For instance, he will tell you everything you want to hear, such things as, “I have even considered it myself” and “I think it is a wonderful idea.” The thing is, it isn’t just an idea that suddenly came to you in a dream.He thinks that your “I’m waiting till marriage” stance is just a phase, or something you have said to play hard to get — nothing his charm and personality can’t alter. He can be tricky to deal with and will hide his motives very well.

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Often, he will think that he can handle it, and then in a few weeks the realization hits him that this is real and not going to change, and it just can’t work for him.

Give him points for trying, but you don’t want to be with someone who isn’t able to connect with you on an emotional level.

He may even stick around because he only likes you for you and you’re worth more to him than sexual pleasures.

He may even be willing to wait with you and for you.

You’ve been there before: You meet a guy that you like (or a guy that was persistent), you’re hanging out with him (like on a date), and at some point you feel compelled to bring up the fact that you’re waiting till marriage to have sex.

In fact, you to bring it up because you’re secretly hoping that he’ll be supportive, or worst case at least you want him to know what he’s getting into.

You can tell from his reaction that he was much more interested in sex than in any kind of emotional connection.

This often represents immaturity (and/or shallowness) on his part.

It is a belief and a strong thing you strive to achieve-it is clear from this that he doesn’t truly understand your own motives.

You are who you are and you should be proud of that.

If he does want something outside of sex, that is always a personal decision so never let yourself feel pressured into it or like he deserves it because he is ‘putting up’ with the no sex till marriage. You’re striking gold when you come across this look!

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