Dating recently separated man children 16 and 13 year old dating

Ive had to learn this because I would get mad and say anything out my mouth not understanding his shell. The foundation and true support I feel, allows me to overlook certain flaws.

Both the Leo women and the Cancer man have their issues. I try to concentrate on the fact that everyone is not me and every one is not perfect.

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We have only known each other for a short 21/2 months.. His maturity and tact his motivation and ambition is all over whelming.

He is my Ideal man that I've been waiting for all my life.

When comparing pros and cons there are a lot of pros that outweigh the cons. I think this type of match is a huge rollercoaster and will have fire works most definitely.

Sometimes I also feel a little uneasy because I like to voice my opinion and blurt out my feelings, whereas he's quiet and slow in his actions.

He also gives comforting words when im feeling down and will not leave me in a tight squeeze. Its sometimes hard to figure out what he's thinking or feeling as he reverts into a shell over and over. but I never can force him its only on his time of sharing his deepest feelings.

It makes me, the Leo women, a little uneasy at times and unsure on when to make certain moves. I do feel safe with him and when he's ready for romance it can be beautiful and passionate the way he takes his time.I figure if things are going smooth their should be no need to rock the boat this early into the courtship. Yup, he is caring and tender and extremely moody...I am currently in a sexual relationship with a Cancer man. I never quite know what to say to him and I feel like he is holding back emotionally. And with that you got to know him deeply for the relationship to go on...he doesn't say anything outright but u can see his desire in his actions. I don't recommend getting into casual relationships with these guys. I am a Leo woman just starting to date a Cancer man.the way he'll lay his head down on me, close his eyes, breathe in deep, then nuzzle into me. He has every quality that I like and want for a future relationship. He is dependable, handsome, trustworthy and no matter what I know every morning I get a good morning call or text.I believe this is a perfect match if you know how to give n take in a relationship! all my boyfriends have been either Cancers or Virgos! While he can be very loving, holding you and cuddling, he can also be very moody. They put up such a front for a person who is so sensitive and emotional (as they say).


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