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Several years ago, Mouna Klai started a small home-based business making dresses.

She received a small loan from a microfinance NGO in Tunis to expand her business.

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Each winner received seed funds to help her launch or expand her business.

Profiles of the WES Business Award winners are listed by WES Center: Najoua Trabelsi’s dream is to run a French restaurant in downtown Kef since the culture of Tunisia is heavily rooted in French traditions. The WES center supported Najoua by providing her with training in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Financial Education.

The award will be used to support the launch of her business.

“[This is] the fate of which I dreamed” said Asma Hnid.

The WES award will help her to open her new restaurant.

Amira Abid is 32 years old and a graduate in documentation management and archives from the Institute of Science.Hanen’s objective is to launch an educational center for students between the ages of 6 and 18 years old that offers private lessons for students to improve their skills.The center will offer extra services like theater, music and swimming lessons.will offer quality services that seek to deepen children’s understanding of Tunisian cultural traditions.This nursery business will target families who have one parent who is currently employed while the other parent is busy seeking employment.Houda Rhibi’s business started with a childhood dream.


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