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There’s no reason to let her anger and issues get to you. People often don’t know what to do when they are mean and instead of seeing a frustrated response, get a smile and a pleasant comment.

So, as the three (your big brother, your big brother's wife AKA your sister inlaw and your mother) did not approve your marriage move for the girl in question (your sister inlaw 2) mellow down and look for another lady.

There may be myriad bumps in the road when in comes to marital bliss — think: bringing in boatloads of debt or a desire to have children before your partner.

Sometimes a sister-in-law will view this as her sibling being taken away from her.

Now you get them all to yourself and she gets less time to be with them.

It would have been a different if you αnd your Brother were twin, as I have seen twin marry twin or sisters, but this is not the case to be bro leave It just screams taboo even when its not stayed in any cultural bookjnrbayano: 1.

If not for your big brother you won't know the girl in question and her family.2.It can be frustrating and annoying, but by sticking to your guns when your sister-in-law comes around, you should be able to disarm the situation and eventually become friends with her.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / What Is Wrong In Getting Married To My Sister In-law? polymathic: Tis not right to do that, wen ur bro married her sis, u guys become family...Your sister-in-law should not have control over you.You married your spouse because you loved them – anything she says should not be able to change that.D., licensed clinical psychologist and author of , points out that, "sisters can often be very protective of their siblings.


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