Updating directadmin

Once your done run: The “d” parameter at the end simply means defaults, this means it will automatically answer any questions the build script would usually ask if you ran it without it.Using the default flag is usually wise and safe to do so (it saves you answer yes manually! Once you’ve run that leave your SSH session running for a while and check back on the progress.

The honest truth is to test them yourself to be sure, however I can tell you if your site/apps were working on PHP 5.4, its pretty likely your going to be fine.

Popular Content Management Systems like Word Press, Drupal, Joomla will be fine.

If your like me you may have a few custom build scripts for certain packages.

One of the main custom scripts I use is for Pro FTPD and the SFTP module.

Even though custombuild 2.0 is still a release candidate it is pretty much ready for prime time.

I will be doing a bit more testing before performing the update on my production VPS server (the one this website is running under), but only for a piece of mind, I haven’t seen any problems so far and don’t expect any.

Maria DB 10 is the next generation of My SQL and improves on both speed and performance over My SQL 5.6 and earlier versions.

In our in house tests, Mean Servers was able to decrease server load by 75% on database intense applications by upgrading to Maria DB 10 from My SQL 5.6.

Mean Servers takes no responsibility for self installed upgrades and this guide has been written for educational purposes only without warranty.

We appreciate your feedback, if you have anything to add, feel free to contact us.

This method has been untested on other operating systems running a control panel other than Direct Admin.


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