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I get up silently and walk as stealthy as a ninja and stand behind you enjoying the fragrance originating from your hair.

You were standing in the the black hoodie with your wet hair making some breakfast , while I snuck behind you and lock you in my arms, rub my nose on your neck to sniff the fragrance of your freshly shampooed hair .

I nod and sat down on the sofa thinking about you showering inside .

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Anthony Weiner's sexting partner Sydney Leathers is living up to her last name ...

in the most disgusting way possible -- TMZ has learned she's slicing off a portion of her hoo-ha ... Sources tell us, Leathers' recent foray into the porn biz made her self-conscious about what she calls "excess skin" down there -- so she's decided to undergo a labiaplasty ...

You come back with fresh aroma of your shampooed hair and freshly cleansed skin .

I lose myself in admiring you till you snap your fingers and say to me " can I have those chocolates".

Those porno profits (yeah, she had some) will come in handy. we're told Leathers plans to SELL the surgically-removed skin on an auction website.

Hi , this is sam, I m 21 years old and I reside in mumbai. 7 inch tall , dusky complexion and lean build and a good beard .

I increase my pace and grab your boobs and squeeze them as hard as I fuck you .

I make you lie down on kitchen table I as come close to spilling my seed inside you , I slap your stomach and pull you up by your hair while I pull out from your pussy and shove my cock inside your sweet pink lips and ask you to blow me till I cum all inside you ;) We lay naked in each other's arms on the warm kitchen floor and you say to me " I m gonna keep condoms in every corner of the house, because you surely gonna get me knocked up , if we fuck in this way " .

to remove a portion of her outer genitalia for a "cleaner" look.

We're told Sydney's getting trimmed next week in Santa Barbara with a doctor named Neal Handel, and it's gonna cost her ,400.

I walk with you naked to your bedroom together holding hands and lay on your bed.


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