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Look at the top Navigation bar and click on the OPPT Absolute and all the subnavigation.

The earliest information is at the bottom sub nav links. Messages from HATJ- 7.22.17 End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love- Energy to Recharge and Clarity 7.22.17 Unfettered Access to Your TDA’s, Treasury Direct Accounts.

The cases we heard were all the same theme, horrible experiences with an authority figure whether is be police, judge or lawyer. Its really heart wrenching, so I stayed busy [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: So I also worked on the uniforms.

as the DIstortion became visible, I enhanced it with the intention the barriers were broken.

Click here 8.2.17 There is so much more to all of this than just accessing your TDA accounts and utilizing them.

All the background you need on the original filings and supporting information can be found on the I UV.

We walked into the reception area and FW came down the stairs with a ohpuk energy.

[7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: We went to the conference room and HATJ owned hin LOL and all he worried about was getting paid [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: From MY (Valerie) perspective, I scanned FW, for blocks, or stuck places, snags, shall we say [7/18/2017 PM] Terran: Ohpuk?

This morning, they left and Heather intuited a different path to take for their walk to the Whitehouse – which took them just past the US Treasury Dept.

As they began to approach the Whitehouse – and many tourists were present – Secret Service began ‘roping off’ and pushing the tourists back to expand the area being ‘roped off’.

It carries a frequency that helps hold a cast spell [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: ooops WOOD [7/18/2017 PM] Terran: It’s also spiked and sticks you [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: The room is packed! [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: We make eye contact with Randy, and he gets scolded [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: Apparently, the uniformed officers also have their superpowers turned on as they KNEW we were communicating just by looking ay each other [7/18/2017 PM] Skye Macleod: On 19/07/2017, at , Alex and Valerie wrote: The room is packed! the judge hears probably 50 cases just in the morning. I use some reiki and other symbols that are tried and true in my world [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: is this kind of what you wanted?

They were spectators, victims, witnesses for the other cases [7/18/2017 PM] Skye Macleod: ok right thanks Valerie [7/18/2017 PM] Terran: Templars have been in Tennessee prior to Columbus [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: Marshalls, uniforms, a gaggle of attorneys [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: so body language is pretty easy to read, there were MANY stares at HATJ and they projected an energy of invincibility….until FW relayed all the information to the prosecuters – wow, cant spell tonight [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: now, the Asst Attorney General for RKBs case is named Judd Davis. after his discussion with FW, his face went totally red blotchy and he had that film of sweat on his face [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: The room began to really shift [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: For me, one of the things I do is clean spaces energetically. [7/18/2017 PM] Denice D: yes 🙂 [7/18/2017 PM] Skye Macleod: perfect Valerie [7/18/2017 PM] Alex and Valerie: as we watched the other cases, my personal compassion grew and I send out radiant love and healing to all the defendants and their families.

Alex and Valerie’s perspective is very important as these moments unfold and I am grateful (heart) [7/18/2017 PM] Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf .: she is not exaggerating…understating, maybe…but not exaggerating [7/18/2017 PM] Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf .: val and alex…please, give your observations…because i am officially speechless [7/18/2017 PM] Terran: What exactly took place?


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