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'Honesty Is the Best Policy" Reasonable Fees 5 -- 0 His card in the Card Deck: King of Clubs Birth Date: 3/23/57 r.

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They are highly misleading and leave out critical information.

I have not touched, or ever looked at an ACG map or linemap for over 20 years. He wrote it just to show his expertise on the ACG factors, to show that ACG material is both limited and often incorrect in describing even those factors, and to help people using linemaps to be at least better-informed about ACG factors.) Has influenced the field and other astrologers are now employing fundamental new techniques first uncovered and taught by Mr. Started his Practice Offering Full Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantees Julian Lee is a confident astrologer.

He moved to Alaska based on an Astrocartography map many years ago, and had serious life losses there.

From that experience, he discovered the deeper principles of locational astrology. He is experienced enough to know there is not always a ''locational fix" for life problems, and turns away clients regularly.

They are that useless, and that much worth avoiding.

Almost all other locational astrologers are using linemaps such as ACG -- and these people truly ought to find some more decent line of work." -- Julian Lee Guaranteed Timings, Including Real Estate Listing Timings TWO TEACHING AUDIOS 18 Techniques For Getting Through Any Saturn Transit With Less Suffering, Loss or Damage Immediate MP3 Download This Knowledge is Powerful -- But You Must Know These 8 Facts About Locational Astrology Immediate MP3 Download , No other profession for 27 years..

Long-term results are more important than short term, however, good short-term results help you have faith that the location will be good for you. More specific around the towns Mirepoix and St Girons. You really know what you are doing I see :) I am very thankful. I would never use any kind of linemap to decide where to live, for myself or my clients.

Traveling there at my recommended times opens up doors, produces positive Findings, and acts like 'good potting soil.' Hi Julian So I went to south of France to the places you recomended me... I do trust my intuition and that i am guided here for a reason, because i love it here. I moved to Alaska using one and it was a major disaster in terms of my children.

Linemaps, you see, give no information about your house of children, the house of money, and a great many other things.

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