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Men that go to work, come home deal with drama watch a football game and goes to bed.I have a special and exclusive interview that I did with Shelley Mc Murtry – An “exclusive.” Not in any product.The next, time you are traveling – put your I-phone down, drop the Blackberry and look for an opportunity to help a women – no mater her age – with her bag.

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Have you ever wanted to “help” or “assist” your wife, your lover, your friend with benefits on how to give you a mind blowing BJ?

XOXOXO Hi Stud, Well, last time I emailed you I was on my way to Vegas….

And as I did this on the flight from Denver to San Fran (in first class).

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Shout out to Eric Holden from Atlanta, GA for being the very first to send me an email!

So, at the beginning I found the whole process nerve racking, I found out that I really don’t know the car buying game, I realized I was unclear on what I wanted and, I didn’t know who to trust in which dealership…XOXOX Heather Havenwood Go Here to meet Isabella and her amazing ex-porn star teachings.Austin – Denver – San Francisco – Las Vegas Not fun.Not one man out of the 12 in my direct connection stood up to assist me!I have been “trying” to play this game for the past 2 months doing over 15 testing driving sessions, research and getting a hundreds opinions of what I “should” buy, how I “should” buy / lease and then from which dealer in town is best…Those are the men who are creative and willing to try new things and fail!

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