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On the basis of this knowledge, the second superior would have (due to his order) responsibility to verify the given order and decide whether or not the subordinate had to obey his order (instead of the first received order).The subordinate must obey the last given order, if the second one is not canceled; this is necessary because the second superior may have new information about a changed situation.Punishment for disobedience is regulated in the Wehrstrafgesetz (military penal law).

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He may only give orders concerning official aims and respecting international and national laws and the general directives issued by the Ministry.

He is fundamentally responsible for the consequences of his orders.

It is possible for a soldier to be superior to another in several ways.

The following types of superiors are defined: These assignments are only defined for the medical service, geographic information service (MILGEO) and military music service.

It may be possible for two soldiers to be superior to each other due to differing paragraphs of the Vorgesetztenverordnung.

For such situations the following prioritization of relationship importance is defined: § 6 Vorg V is excluded because a commissioned officer (or NCO) could only declare himself superior if there was no superior to him at the scene.In some cases, it might be possible that a lower rank is defined as superior to a higher rank.If a subordinate receives an order contrary to an already-received order (or one which defers substantially the achievement of its aim), he must inform the superior who gave the second order of this.Usually, the professional leader in a military unit/office is not the same as the immediate superior (§ 1 Vorg V) of it.Such assignments or functions (which are associated with special task responsibilities) are defined in general service regulations or special working instructions.Subordinates who do not execute military orders with claim to obedience may be punished with imprisonment up to three years (in cases with "severe consequences" up to five years).


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