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You can use three or four nicknames for your boyfriend, one for every mood of his.

Tip# 1: You can make a nickname out of his name, but be careful as some guys might find it offending.

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Quando ebbe preso coraggio, si tuffò nella sua borsa e, così, la piccola pietra a forma di luna iniziò a finalmente girare 🏰 Se vuoi sapere dove va, lei te lo racconta volentieri 😊 Questa, per esempio, è la sua gita a #Spoleto.

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Tip# 2: Don’t base the nickname on negative traits your boyfriend has. He’s so funny and always joking around and making me laugh. Jake LOVES when I say that to him and he’s even picked it up and he says it, too. He calls me ‘charming princess’ or ‘sweetheart’ or ‘beautiful’ and sometimes ‘Ami’ cause my name is Aaminah. And he usually calls me baby, sweetheart, love, cutie, my everything, pookie, booski, boo, and nugget Fanta said.. I call my baby all types of names like hunni bunni, suggle bud, pooh bear or pooh, chocolate mystery because he is chocolate and he keeps me thnking about how much I love him.

Tip# 3: There are men who might find some nicknames offending because of the negative feelings they associate with it. And the silly names like I call him ‘Yogi’ and he calls me ‘Boo-Boo’ cuz I love that cartoon! Me and my boyfriend of 3 years have had lots of names. And the angel part is cause he’s so amazing and perfect for me that he has to be an angel sent for me. Me & my highschool sweetheart have known eachother for 7 years! I call him Amor, My Love, Daddy, Izzy, short for Izmaell, Babe, Baby, Papi, Chiquito, Hermoso, the love of my life, Soul mate. He calls me Babe, Baby, Ma, Mamas, Mami, the love of his life, Corazon, Amor, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy Audrey or Nicole his everything! My bf calls me “my pretty”, and before we started dating and were friends he called me “Fanta”. I also call him the manager, wanderboy (the computer game from years ago that he played when we were kids; I’ve known him for 24 years) and chick but that’s because he calls me bird! I also call him smukims, superman, lover boy, love muffin, and many more.A breve su Fatty Fair Blog vi parlerò di affinità elettive e di belle situazioni in cui capita di trovarsi con persone simili a noi.Anche l’esperienza che vi racconto in questo post ha una pagina tutta speciale nel mio personale album dei ricordi.Here are a few cute nicknames based on personality types: Since he loves using you as his personal soft doll, you can call him some of the names below: Oxytocin helps you feel good and creates a deep sense of connection with your partner. So it goes without saying that you find your boyfriend to be the most attractive guy around.Cuddling has also been known to boost immunity, reduce stress and increase desire. Here are some names to express the same: Of course, “cute” nicknames make more sense when you tell your boyfriend why you are calling him by that name.Il primo weekend di ottobre io e Tiziana, la mia super fotografa e amica, ci siamo avventurate per la prima volta in uno dei grandi eventi organizzati da Instagramers Italia, l’ che si è tenuta ad Arezzo, in Toscana.


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