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Panther Lily seems to have a grumpy disposition and detests noisy people.

He first appears by demanding that Byro and the hyperactive Hughes quiet down (although Sugarboy noted that Panther Lily was in a nastier mood than usual).

They will not be easy - chose the one challenge best suited to your equipment and skills!

He is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and is Gajeel Redfox's companion.

Still, it's not hopeless - I believe I can create a powerful vessel that you can use.

To craft it, I will need the blessings of the four August Celestials in Pandaria.

He tells Byro and Hughes to be quiet, as he dislikes noisy people.

When Erza Knightwalker questions him about it, she speculates that a recent military issue has made him grumpier than usual.

Travel with me to the four temples and we will speak to each.

To be worthy of their gifts, you must defeat one of their challenges.

Panther Lily was once an Exceed that lived in Extalia and worked for Extalia's army.

One day he saved the Prince of Edolas from certain danger.

Cards may be painted before use, and how much a card is painted determines its strength—at the cost of some of your paint, making battles more puzzle-like.


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