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If it is a genuine burial shroud of a 1st century victim of crucifixion, how is it that this piece of cloth survived the grave and was not ravaged by decomposition products? I suggest alternatively reading the stories in any of the various newspapers or for a clear concise explanation read first Chemistry of the Image and then Explanation of the Backside Image. 2014: It is my opinion that this is near-definitive evidence that the Shroud is genuine. No one has come up with anything remotely capable of explaining how a painter from the Middle Ages could have faked this kind of double image, or that needed this kind of enhancement to see.

From the extract: “Photographs of the back surface of the Turin Shroud were analysed to verify the existence of a double body image of a man. The other remarkable features of the shroud were sufficient IMHO, but this seems to seal the case.

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Therefore, image processing, developed ad hoc, was necessary to highlight body features.

This was based on convolution with Gaussian filters, summation of images, and filtering in spatial frequency by direct and inverse bidimensional Fourier transformations.

Body features were identified by template matching.

The face and probably also the hands are visible on the back of the Turin Shroud, but not features related to the dorsal image. Right, except he had to paint it without paint or pigment or dyes or colorants of any kind.

Their journal is an ethical journal of peer-reviewed scientific studies.

The Washington Times, BBC, the Observer, the Telegraph of London, ABC Australia, the Chicago Sun-Times and several outlets have picked up the story in the last few hours.

Tags: #Ace History2Research ( 31 ), #Ace History News ( 41 ), #History2Research ( 29 ), Chicago Sun-Times, Christianity ( 5 ), Institute of Physics, Jesus ( 5 ), John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Middle Ages, Turin Shroud, Washington Times The most definitive evidence yet that the Shroud of Turin is not a medieval fake-relic.

This is big stuff, published on a highly respected scientific organizations website, the Institute of Physics, a 37,000 member organization of physicists.

It is hard to imagine how this could be mechanically or artistically produced.


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