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The chandelier was originally designed for gas lighting and retrofitted for electricity with the iron piping still in place.Project Challenge: Original architectural designs for the Lincoln Ballroom were recently discovered, inspiring the curators to restore the room to its intended glory.

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Ladies, have you ever wanted a circumcised boyfriend/husband to restore his foreskin? Just wanted to get other's thoughts on the subject...

Since I am of the female variety, I am probably not at all qualified to answer this, however, I'm sorry - how can I not? If it is for sensitivity reasons, once nerve endings die they tend not to come back.

If it's for cosmectic reasons, again, not sure what you'd gain from it.

Not only would you be subjecting yourself to a possibly painful (if not at least quite uncomfortable) recovery, it's highly doubtful you'd experience any major difference at all.

its like women surgically regaining their virginity .... That being said, there is no way I would want any man I was with to change whether or not he was circumcised.

kinda stupid dont you think ....youve had sex dont mater hou many hymens you have your still not virgin you need with a foreskin... I already had the assessment done....took too much away from mine when I was young, and used it to correct a birth defect where I had no eyelids...... Why on earth would you want to go through a painful operation, risk infection and loss of sensitivity for esthetics?

As to those of who say that there is no point in attempting this because the nerves are already destroyed, I disagree.

I don't expect any significant change in sexual response from doing this, but I want to correct a wrong that my parents made.

The design focused on an ornate decorative ceiling and its centerpiece, this chandelier.

The chandelier was removed piece by piece, cleaned and repaired, including almost 3,000 damaged crystals.

If you were asking my opinion, I'd advise against it.


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