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I feel it wasn't in my parents' rights to decide to have my foreskin surgically removed.

It wasn't damaged tissue, it didn't pose a health risk to me at birth.

As to those of who say that there is no point in attempting this because the nerves are already destroyed, I disagree.

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Ladies, have you ever wanted a circumcised boyfriend/husband to restore his foreskin? Just wanted to get other's thoughts on the subject...

Since I am of the female variety, I am probably not at all qualified to answer this, however, I'm sorry - how can I not? If it is for sensitivity reasons, once nerve endings die they tend not to come back.

The design focused on an ornate decorative ceiling and its centerpiece, this chandelier.

The chandelier was removed piece by piece, cleaned and repaired, including almost 3,000 damaged crystals.

So all it amounts to is cosmetic surgery, which my parents had no right to force on me.

It's my body, so I should be able to decide how I want it to look, altered or left alone -the decision is mine.

i know some uncircumcised guys that have had problems ...i know no circumcised guys that have ... I already had the assessment done....took too much away from mine when I was young, and used it to correct a birth defect where I had no eyelids...... I wound up kock-eyed...........____________________________HAHAHAH funny Why???? Unless there is some other reason that I'm not aware of, what would be the point? I believe this is not actually any surgical procedure, but done through stretching existing skin with weights(at least from the story I saw). Little ballon like things under the skin that the MD can add saline to a little at time....sounds like fun..... Ever hear of word smegma, its a nasty thing that lirks under the skin of a uncircumsised penis. The circumcised penis is beautiful with nothing to hide I bet if you took a poll with women. It is the older gentlemen that have the uncircumcised penis.

i know many grown men that have had it done none that have had it reversed ..are the first i have ever heard considering it How come? I'm confused I love my hunny being circumsized (not that there is anything wrong with the foreskin except the extra care that must be taken when playing) and would probably smack him upside the head if he ever got the notion to replace something he hasn't had since he was a wee babe. Many have claimed it adds to sexual experience and a bunch of other hub bub. 60% lessened risk of contracting HIV, awesome d*ck for sucking, and something many girls prefer but just won't admit because it's not PC. Keep it off, a study was done in Africa the men without it had less HIV than the men that still had the foreskin. They would prefer a circumsised penis over a uncircumcised one 5-1. This is a touchy subject Caliguy, but I'll throw my two cents in.

Cosmetically it will closely resemble the real thing, and that is all I expect to have.

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