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Join us for Sunday services each week in our air-conditioned sanctuary at 11 am and for our coffee hour afterwards. Summer services are followed by a potluck coffee hour.

Making a scarred area to make another scarred area with no clinical/medical benefits. Do what you want but make sure your donor card is properly endorsed.

Ladies, have you ever wanted a circumcised boyfriend/husband to restore his foreskin? Just wanted to get other's thoughts on the subject..????????? If you get it done let us know how it works for you I prefer a man to be circumcised.

The design focused on an ornate decorative ceiling and its centerpiece, this chandelier.

The chandelier was removed piece by piece, cleaned and repaired, including almost 3,000 damaged crystals.

If it's for cosmectic reasons, again, not sure what you'd gain from it.

Not only would you be subjecting yourself to a possibly painful (if not at least quite uncomfortable) recovery, it's highly doubtful you'd experience any major difference at all.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Any guys considering, have ever considered, or have already done this?I'm a girl hubby is circumsized, and I'd never wish for him to have such a procedure.Not only would it inevitably be painful, but it'd be pretty pointless. One question that seems important....where are you comfortable losing the tissue that will be needed for the reconstruction.MSS provided the weight of the entire fixture so electrical engineers could properly calculate for a powered electric lift to be installed above it in the ceiling.


  1. For personal calls, there was always the home phone.

  2. If you are stuck paying for everything, then that’s not cheap, that’s just gross.

  3. You want to show you are honest but you also want to show your confidence and your sense of humour in life.

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