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Click on the sign the petition link, click sign and thats it. So its been just over a month since our new Gentlemans club Paradise City opened up and its been absolutely amazing.

Who would have thought we could take the smallest club in Nebraska (Elm Creek population 900) and make it the most successful in the state.

I am 19 years old and live in Lincoln Nebraska (Go Huskers).

Here is a little about my how I came to be naked on the internet!

The girls get VERY crazy on it and I mean crazy, if you dont have snap chat please download it on your smart phone its fast and free.

I would advise you not to open these snaps while around a girlfriend or wife as she might get a little upset with you lol. Ok we need all of you to please please please sign this petition!

Make sure to check out the FREE video clip on this one its hot.

This update is from Brandys Hustler Magazine shoot in LA, during this time she was also featured on Playboy TV as well.

Its time to stop these bullies who have tried to stop us from doing what we love.

This petition is to show we have lots of support for our new Midwest Girls strip clubs we are opening.

So let me catch you up a little on my life and what I have been doing.


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  4. August 4, 2014For more information, contact: Ben Haimowitz, 1 (718) 398-7642 or 1 (917) 903-9287, [email protected] common feature of what may be the world's most fundamental business activity -- participating in negotiations -- seems to be a boon for men but not for women. 1-5) finds that men who engage in small talk before getting down to business, compared to those who launch right into the matter at hand, not only make a much more favorable impression but get better results as well.

  5. As soon as we created a free account on the site we were redirected to another page.

  6. That had been a fateful move; it made everything easier for him.

  7. The Scriptures teach, of course, that there is only one Baptism (Eph. There is no indication that God has limited this blessed means of grace to individuals on the basis of age or levels of maturity.

  8. Only after this, did God breathe his Spirit into Adam.

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