Government help consolidating student loans

only to find out that you don’t qualify” Next, Talbert has to figure out which of the five income-driven plans she qualifies for and should enroll in.

She switched majors before ultimately deciding to be a teacher and complete a one-year master’s degree program at USC.

Mattie Talbert committed a common but costly error: Unsure what she really wanted to do in the future, she switched academic programs multiple times.

That, along with a one-year master’s degree program, also at USC, left her with a debt load of $112,348 in federal loans, plus about $44,000 in private loans.

Now, despite her efforts to learn about her options, she’s confused about the best way to pay those debts down.

only to find out that you don’t qualify,” Ferastoaru says.

There are some important ongoing steps in pursuing PSLF that Talbert needs to be aware of.Student loan borrowers tend be young and inexperienced when it comes to debt, credit, and even basic budgeting.That can make the transition to repayment after graduation challenging at best.She spent a year taking classes at a community college before transferring to the University of South Carolina-Columbia.She thought she wanted to be a nurse but quickly discovered science wasn’t her strong suit.She then took some speech pathology courses and found that field wasn’t right for her either. “I come from a long line of teachers, and I wanted to do something different,” Talbert says.


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