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I am not exaggerating when I say; I had about 3 bites and didn’t try 90% of the food on the table. At some point he showed me a picture on his phone of him standing in Iraq, holding a gun and wearing a helmet. He told me that his ex-wife works at the local Petco and that they broke up over him being “over educated”. There were a few lags in conversation and I found myself often bored. “I had a good night but I am not interested, good luck” – Lame. I responded in the most immature, childish and chicken-shit way I could think of. I am totally convinced that guys who want to be perceived as taller use 5’10 as their stretch height. Like’s to scuba dive, ski, cook, wine taste, read and runs 3x a week.

During the dinosaur-like behavior, he sat with food hanging onto his chin for about 5 minutes before I said something. We did have a few good laughs: He said “I told IJL that I liked average size girls.. He went on to tell me about his B#2 who was over 300 pounds and had the shortest little legs. I told him that IJL tells me that all the guys are 5’10 and they never are. He walked me to my car and asked for my phone number. “If you wouldn’t have showed me the photo maybe I’d give you the digits” – Not true. I texted him back that I wasn’t ready to have a 2 #5- Almost half way done with this “experiment” or what others call dating. I think I could cut and paste the adjectives from the other dudes.

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There were actually times that I had to lean into my food so I could hear his soft whispering of a voice.

In between his uneasy chuckles and anxious eating, we had a nice balanced conversation. He’s face lit up when he talked about his 17 year old daughter.

He talked with his mouthful and I almost ducked in fear of being splattered by Jamon Iberico. I guess I should have been more specific about what I thought average meant… He said he was a proud 5’8 and that IJL is adding the extra inches. B#5 is a 37 year old divorcee (no kids), blue eyes, brown hair, MBA, Product Manager at a “large aerospace company”… Maybe if this doesn’t work out I can start a business called “It’s Just a Bunch of the Same Guy”…

The creepy part came when he showed me pictures of his son who looked EXACTLY like a male version of my daughter. He’s funny, witty, genuine, social and likes to travel. Calls himself “competent in the kitchen”, has blue eyes, dark blond hair, is 6 foot (Lies) and is divorced with one 5 year old son. then I can get all the bachelors together and they can hang out and become BFFs. He lived in Dubai for 16 months and here’s something that scares me…

The thing is I need a little bit more balance in work and life.

I live my life to the fullest and I don’t care what people think of me.CNN host Don Lemon has labelled Donald Trump “racist” after reports the President called Haiti and African states “s***hole countries”.Opening his programme on Thursday night, Mr Lemon said: “The President of the United States is racist.” Mr Trump said in an Oval Office meeting while discussing protections for immigrants, the Washington Post reported. Because this is who Donald Trump is.” Fellow CNN host Anderson Cooper also called the president’s remarks “racist” earlier on Thursday.Mr Trump reportedly suggested the US should bring in more immigrants from Norway, whose Prime Minister he met with earlier this week. The White House has made no attempt to deny Mr Trump made the comments.coverage for many people watching the network after he got his ear pierced on live TV and opened up about himself like never before.


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