Messenger updating

Open Messenger, then open a chat and look for the small circle with a symbol inside.

Tap that and a menu will open with colorful icons for specific things.

Of course, you need to open a chat first to see this icon.

messenger updating-51

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As we reported earlier today, Facebook Messenger’s games are now available to users around the world, giving everyone a chance to play.

No matter how many times you try to launch or refresh the app, you will continue to see the black screen and loading wheel.

While the problem may not affect everyone, it does seem to affect a large group of Facebook Messenger users.

Wait for that update to finish, then tap “Open” to launch the app.

The new Messenger interface is a tad different than the previous iteration, as you’ve likely noted by now.You can order transportation directly in the app, as one example, and can also send someone money without leaving the service.Now, thanks to this latest expansion, you can also play games with only a few quick taps.If you’re not seeing the ‘Games’ section by itself, there’s also an easy ‘workaround’ — just start a Messenger chat with yourself and then launch the game in that chat — you’ll still challenge your friend, but your friend will be you.Instant Games marks a big turning point for Messenger, which itself has been growing in many ways that are beyond an ordinary messaging app.There appears to be a significant bug in the Facebook Messenger app, and while the direct cause of the issue is unknown, there’s a quick fix for getting your Facebook Messenger conversations to load properly on your Apple Watch, and we’ll show you how it’s done it in this tutorial.

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